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ITM (International Training Massage school)は、1992年に開講したタイ王国教育省・健康保険省認定のタイマッサージの学校です。






ITM (International Training Massage school) is situated at graceful city of Chiang Mai, Thailand. ITM is established on 1992 by Dr. Chongkol Setthakorn. ITM has been authorized by Thai Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education.

At ITM Azumino is situated Azumino, Nagano where a heart of Japan’s nature, snow capped mountains, cool breeze and real Japanese life are still able to see.

ITM Azumino, you can learn in such a tranquil atmosphere from experienced teachers who certified by Thai government. All graduates can get diploma which is also certified by Thai government.

ITM Azumino offer you weekend course and 5 days stay course. We also offer you nice food, place to stay and hot spring from tap!

ITM’s curriculum is renowned for its logical way of teaching for long time. Since 1992, number of graduates are more than 14,000 students from 137 countries and still increasing.

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